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Welcome to the extraordinary world of helicopter tours in Dubai, where you can take to the skies and witness the breathtaking beauty of this vibrant city from a whole new perspective. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as we introduce you to the thrilling and awe-inspiring experience of a helicopter tour in Dubai.

Dubai, known for its architectural wonders, stunning coastline, and iconic landmarks, offers a truly remarkable backdrop for a helicopter adventure. Imagine soaring above the city’s glittering skyline, gazing down upon the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as it reaches towards the heavens. Picture yourself gliding over the mesmerizing Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island shaped like a palm tree, with its luxurious resorts and the majestic Atlantis, The Palm hotel.

As you lift off into the sky, the panoramic views unfold before you. From the vibrant Dubai Marina, lined with modern skyscrapers and bustling promenades, to the serene waters of the Arabian Gulf, each moment presents an opportunity to capture the beauty and grandeur of Dubai.

During your helicopter tour, you’ll have the chance to witness Dubai’s iconic landmarks from a unique vantage point. Marvel at the architectural brilliance of the Burj Al Arab, a sail-shaped hotel that stands as an epitome of luxury and elegance. Take in the intricate details of The World Islands, a captivating collection of man-made islands designed to resemble a map of the world. And immerse yourself in the history and culture of Dubai as you glide over the Dubai Creek and Al Fahidi Historic District.

Whether you choose a day or night tour, the experience is equally mesmerizing. As the sun sets, Dubai transforms into a sparkling wonderland, illuminating the skyline with millions of lights. The vibrant nightlife, the glowing cityscape, and the magic of Dubai come alive beneath you, creating a truly enchanting spectacle.

Helicopter tours in Dubai are conducted by experienced pilots who prioritize safety and provide informative commentary throughout the flight. The helicopters themselves are modern and equipped with large windows, ensuring panoramic views and a comfortable flying experience.

So, step aboard and prepare to have your breath taken away as you soar above Dubai’s captivating landscapes and iconic landmarks. A helicopter tour in Dubai is an adventure of a lifetime, offering a truly unparalleled perspective and an opportunity to create memories that will last forever. Welcome to the world of helicopter tours in Dubai, where dreams take flight and the extraordinary becomes reality.

Package Inclusions

The 25-minutes ride-Experience a sensational climb from a cutting edge synthetic marvel to the memorable spring where Dubai was conceived. From Atlantis The Palm, get the Middle Eastern Bay and fly over The World Islands, prior to continuing to Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest pinnacle. Take in the high rises of Sheik Zayed Street prior to wondering about Dubai Brook with its enthralling legacy engineering. Coming back, pass Port Rashid, Association House and the Jumeirah Ocean side shore until Burj Al Bedouin, prior to turning inland to see Dubai Web City, Jebel Ali Race Course, Emirates Residing neighborhoods, Jumeirah Lake Pinnacles and Dubai Marina

The 22-minutes ride-Atlantis Inn, Burj Al Middle Easterner lodging, Burj Khalifa, Downtown Dubai, Dubai notable spring and port Rashid, Dubai Marina, Madinat Jumeirah, The Palm Island, The Palm Jumeirah,The World™’ Islands.

The 12-minute ride will take you to the Burj Khalifa, Sheikh Rashid Palace, Downtown Dubai, the historic creek and port of Dubai, Jabeel Palace, and Corniche.
Ras al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, Meydan Race Course, Burj Khalifa, JW Marriott Hotel, Emirates Towers 2, Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and the Atlantis Hotel are all within forty minutes of each other.

The 15-minute flight from Dubai’s most famous artificial island to the tallest building in the world Aquaventure Water Park, the striking Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah Beach’s coastline, and The World Islands from its south pole can all be seen on the way from Atlantis The Palm to Burj Khalifa.

Cancellation Policy

  • All Cancellations made 72 hours prior to the Tour departure time NO charges will be applicable
  • If Cancellation made within 72 hours to your Tour departure time 100% charges will be applicable
  • If eligible for Refund your Amount will be returned back to your Account within 7 working days.
    Child Policy
    • Children of all ages will be charged Adult Rates.

Need to know information

  • Operating Hours : Approx 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM
  • 24hrs required for Confirmation 
  • Confirmation within 24hrs
  • Mobile Voucher Accepted. Use your phone or print your voucher
  • Free Cancellation 72 hours Prior
  • English
  • Insurance: Every passenger is insured in accordance with the local UAE Civil Aviation Authorization regulations.
  • Important Notice:  Guest needs to compulsory carry Hard copy of Passport for Helicopter ride.
  • No soft copies are accepted. If they don’t follow the same, it will be considered NO Show!
  • All flights are subject to weather and visibility conditions.
  • Smoking, food and beverages are not allowed on helicopter flights.
  • Infants are not allowed for this activity. Children 2 years and above are allowed on board.
  • Pregnant women can fly only during the first 32 weeks of pregnancy OR at their own risk.
  • Tour routes may vary due to air traffic control stipulations or other operational or safety considerations.
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