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Dubai Garden Glow is a popular attraction in Dubai that features a stunning display of lights, colors, and creativity. It is located in Zabeel Park and offers a unique experience that combines art, entertainment, and technology. The attraction features several zones, including the Dinosaur Park, where visitors can witness life-size animatronic dinosaurs, and the Ice Park, which is made entirely of ice sculptures. Additionally, Dubai Garden Glow has the Magic Park, which offers interactive experiences that combine technology and art, and the Art Park, which displays beautiful light installations. The attraction is a must-visit destination for tourists and locals alike who want to experience the beauty and creativity of Dubai’s thriving arts and entertainment scene.

Dubai Garden Glow is a fascinating attraction that showcases the beauty of art and technology . is a must-visit destination for those looking for a unique and unforgettable experience in Dubai. Dubai Garden Glow is a magical attraction that mesmerizes visitors with its dazzling lights and vibrant colors. The park features several themed zones that offer unique and interactive experiences for all ages

Package Inclusions

  • Enjoy the stunning “Art by Day” and “Glow by Night” exhibits, and get ready for an extraordinary amusement at the Dubai Glow Garden.
  • Transport yourself to the land of dinosaurs with the Dinosaur Park experience, which will take you back to the prehistoric era.

Need to know information

  • Make sure to use designated passages, walkways, and exits while in the park. Outside food, drinks, and smoking are not allowed.
  • Available everyday from 5PM to 11 PM. 
  • Please note that the last entry is one hour prior to closing time.
  • Please refrain from bringing animals or pets inside the park, and wear respectful attire at all times.
  • As a guest of Dubai Garden Glow, it is important to follow all posted and verbal safety instructions.
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