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Exploring the fascinating depths of the undersea world through scuba diving is an amazing experience. Divers enter a world of colorful aquatic life, magnificent coral reefs, and fascinating shipwrecks while wearing scuba gear. They feel weightless and as though they are floating in another dimension with each plunge. The undersea world reveals a magnificent range of hues and textures like a fascinating fabric. Divers travel through waters that are beautifully transparent while taking in the peace and calm that the ocean can provide. They come into contact with a variety of marine life, including beautiful sea turtles and schools of tropical fish, and they develop bonds with this mysterious and breathtaking environment. Scuba diving goes beyond simple entertainment.

It offers the chance to explore the mysteries of the deep, see the delicate ecosystems of the ocean, and take in the breathtaking beauty that lies beneath the surface. It is a journey that sparks an excitement for adventure, inspires a desire for discovery, and creates a deep reverence for the delicate underwater environment.

Package Inclusions

  • The PADI accredited courses provide a comprehensive class on safety techniques and tips for breath control, along with a PADI video session to introduce diving.
  • Participants get a 30-minute dive with a veteran diver and instructions from professionals.
  • Transportation is also available if the option is selected.

Need to know information

  • Carry your Emirates ID and passport when you engage in this activity at the Jumeirah location in Dubai.
  • The activity has a minimum age limit of 10 years, and divers between the ages of 10 and 17 need a medical liability form signed by their parents.
  • The briefing session lasts for 30 minutes, and the date and time are subject to availability.
  • It is advisable not to fly for at least 18 hours after the activity.
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