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Terms & Conditions

We appreciate you picking one of our trip packages. You are presumed to have accepted its terms of use if you make a reservation on our website. To ensure that you fully comprehend the terms of your selected trip, please read the following terms and procedures. All of the terms and restrictions listed below apply to reservations made through one of our websites, including:

1. Costing
Our policy guarantees you reasonable prices and the ease of making reservations online. Prices listed on our website, unless otherwise noted, are per person and do not include tips for drivers or tour guides, passport or visa fees, travel insurance, beverages or meals, lodging, room services, or laundry. The pricing listed here could change without prior notice, especially in the event of any unanticipated event, such as an increase in the price of travel, lodging, or other costs.

2. Payment Options
Almost all popular credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners, are accepted by our business. The entire amount due must be paid using a credit card, and guests must provide their credit card information to complete the purchase. Your statement will then reflect this as a charge.

3. Payment confirmation
Once the money has been made, one of our travel agents will send you a confirmation email. To redeem your tour package, you can present its print as proof of payment to the service provider. However, ensure that the data you’ve provided is accurate with regard to your requirements for travel at the time of booking.

4. No Show and Cancellation Policy
Before booking any activity with Khushi Tours, the client must read the cancellation policy for that specific tour. Each tour activity, attraction, and hotel has its unique cancellation restrictions.
Tourist Visa fees are not refundable once payment is made at the Khushi Tours website. When booking a combo, please make sure that all combo tours options are available. If someone cancels any single tour in a combo, they will not be able to take advantage of the combo offer; instead, Khushi Tours will consider the individual tour price of the remaining tours and refund the remaining amount. If not, you would only be able to take use of the services and trips that you have already seen in the alternatives.

4.1 No Show
There will be no partial or full refunds if you don’t show up for the tour. The same clause is present when it comes to unused tickets, sightseeing trips, rented cars, or chauffeured services. Rescheduling of agreed excursions, airport transfers, and other travel-related activities is also not permitted.

5. Procedures for Cancellations
We advise you to thoroughly review the cancellation policies that apply to your tour package before making a cancellation. Make sure to give Khushi Tours written notice of cancellation if you need to cancel all or a portion of your reservation. Following receipt of your cancellation request, we’ll notify you through email, fax, or phone as to the confirmation of your reservation cancellation and the associated cost. Any cancellation that we have not received from you or that we have not confirmed is not the responsibility of Khushi Tours.

6. Changes to the Itinerary
The routes and services included in your package may change depending on regional weather, airway scheduling, and other factors. Should this happen, we can offer suitable alternatives of a similar value, but only if they are available. We at most notify you of any itinerary changes prior to departure. Please be aware that Khushi Tours & Travels maintains the right to make any schedule changes, no matter how minor, at any moment and without compensation. Additionally, there will be no reimbursement in the case of a severe significant incident like an earthquake or flood.

7. Travel Protection
Any damages resulting from an accident, illness, injury, loss of personal belongings, or even the need to cancel a trip will not be covered by Khushi Tours & Travels. To deal with unplanned incidents, it is advised that the traveler purchase a travel insurance coverage.

8. Travel paperwork
It is the duty of each visitor to make sure they have the proper identification, such as a passport or a current ID card, with them at all times. This is particularly crucial for visitors from other countries. In the case that these pertinent documents are lost or absent, there will be no return. Similar to this, visitors of any nationality are urged to inquire with the consulate of their home country before to their intended visit to learn more about the requirements for entry. It is equally important to check with your consulate on the most recent health and visa requirements because they are susceptible to change at any time.

9. Restrictions on Website Application
Khushi Tours and Travels owns the rights to all of the content on this website, including the logo, photos, trip package information, price information, and other pertinent information. Therefore, you agree not to use this website or any of its material for any non-personal, commercial, or unlawful purposes as a condition of using it.

10. Delivery and Shipping Regulations
The following point must be included and is required (applicable as per the website’s Products/Services).
According to UAE law, it is advised that the website “will NOT deal with or offer any services or products to any OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries.”

11. Applicable Law and Courts
Include any one of the points listed below. Inclusion is required.
“The laws of the UAE shall govern and be construed in accordance with any purchase, dispute, or claim occurring out of or in connection with this website.”

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